Math Olympiads

Before the class:

  • No interest? No problem.. bring a book
  • Eat a snack before class
  • Visit the restroom before class
  • Bring a pencil (2B), a white eraser, and scratch paper
  • Bring your Chromebook
  • Be in the classroom on time

During class:

It is disappointing to not being able to solve a problem in the allotted time; it is even more disappointing to being able to solve it and still get it wrong because of carelessness. Do not let bad habits interfere with your math:

  • Do not monkey around; we only have one hour; use it well
  • Write down things you find interesting
  • Write clearly; we are writing not just for us but for other people that see our work
  • Be organized
  • understand the problem; read it all before tackling it
  • have an expectation of the answer
  • do a sanity check
  • write the answer as a rewording of the question
  • Do not scream the answer; we’d be taking away the opportunity of other kids to figure it out on their own

The basic document of Math Olympiads

We will go over the terms early in the year.

What every young Mathlete should know (mirror)

Some random ideas

These are some ideas of topics that we just might touch from time to time.

  • number representation
  • bases (2, 10, 16, 60)
  • fractions – +, -, x, /, simplest form, mixed form
  • egyptian (base 10, fractions)
  • babylonians (base 60, linear equations)
  • romans (no place value)
  • functions, variables
  • basic axioms
  • sets
  • number line, distance
  • 2D shapes – classification, area, perimeter
  • 3D shapes – classification, volume
  • Pythagoras
  • Intro to trigonometry – sin, cos, tan