The HTML text content

We now add the text to our fan page. As we can see from our goal webpage, we will add the following:

  • The title ‘Ash Ketchum’ in our ‘title’ div
  • A placeholder text for our logo, in the ‘logo’ div
  • A list of the friends of Ash in our ‘nav’ div
  • A placeholder text for the picture of Ash and Pikachu in the ‘my_pic” div
  • A few paragraphs of text about Ash in the ‘my_text’ div
  • A copyright note in the ‘copyright’ div

In addition, we will change the the title of our page, in the page’s body, to ‘Ash Ketchum’. The result is the following script:

The result of adding the text is

Text content ready

Now all we have left of our content is to add the images and links, which we will do next.