Welcome to Reeborg's world!

Reeborg's world is intended to help beginners to learn programming, using either Javascript or Python.

As a beginner to programming, you may want to follow a Python tutorial or a Javascript tutorial to learn about programming.

If you already know programming but not Python, perhaps you want to try this Quick introduction to Python.

Short videos

I have made a few very quick videos to guide you. If you watch them, I strongly suggest that you do so in full screen with HD quality selected.

For people that teach Python

If you teach Python using Reeborg's World, I would really appreciate if you could contact me and tell me about it. Eventually, I would like to create a special page mentioning those that use it. From internet searches, I know that many people use(d) RUR-PLE, the desktop predecessor of Reeborg's World in classrooms, but only one teacher (as well as some representatives of Samsung in South Korea) contacted me about doing so.

Since you use Reeborg's World to teach Python, you might be interested in the these "tricks".

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