All the class material was written from scratch. Similarities with the material of similar Karel-oriented classes is both unintentional and sometimes unavoidable, specially in the early lessons where there few really novel scenarios in which to place a robot that only has four commands at his disposal.

All the images used to enhance the class material are either public domain or have been released under a creative common license (e.g., wikipedia, pixabay, etc.). Apart that we credit the images as requested, their use is covered under the fair-use clause because:

  • Many of the images have been cropped, subsampled and/or compressed.
  • No image is indispensable for the material or the focus of the text; actually they are not even necessary.
  • The material is being used for an educational purpose.
  • We are not profiting from the use of these images nor reducing their marketable value.

Still, If you believe that I am infringing in your rights, please, send me a mail and I’ll replace the image with a different one immediately.